Linda Gambero Design

Along each line of my projects, passion and work go hand in hand and each style is distinguished by the peculiarity of its elements

Africa project

A journey without limits

This work stems from the idea of wanting to represent life as an intimate relationship with nature, from which one is born, with whom one lives, to which one returns. Life is represented by the seed, which is thrown into the earth, watered by the rain, warmed by the sun and lulled by the wind, gives life to a tree that has its roots in the earth, the sea, the forest, the desert, the animals and the men. Infinite landscapes intertwine and alternate with each other without ever repeating each other: and as if millions of grains of sand of different colors were moved and mixed by a gust of wind, thus giving rise each time to a new landscape never seen before. On a brass base carved following the curves of the African continent, seeds of different nature have been applied, which like those grains of sand give rise to an African landscape, in which everyone in turn can find his own landscape to travel with the mind in the African dream.

Biomechanical project

"As man does technology, so technology makes man"

This thesis work has a strongly experimental character and was developed with the collaboration of a leading company in the biomedical sector. The titanium prosthesis manufacturer through the advanced "powder technology". This technology makes it possible to construct absolutely impossible "three-dimensional structures" to be obtained with traditional mechanical production techniques. With this production technique tools and prototypes can also be produced in an absolutely flexible way, but at the same time relatively fast and cheap.

Rebirth Project

“What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the butterfly calls the rest of the world” (Lao Tzu)

A real rebirth arrives for everyone, in a precise moment, a second time in life. The presupposition of a rebirth is revolution, the reversal of those fixed points that have actually nailed our lives. There is a need, therefore, to put everything into question, starting a temporary phase of crisis and chaos. Thus was born the need to put our life "upside down" like an old coat to empty your pockets. Thus one frees oneself from the superfluous, from any frills, choosing among the things "fallen from those pockets", only what really matters, that makes us continue the journey without unnecessary burdens. So, like a puzzle, piece by piece, we build a new order. Each of us is born "caterpillar", enclosed in the shell of our own convictions. But that shell is not eternal and sooner or later it will be torn apart, to begin a process of transformation.
The caterpillar represents an individual in search of his own inner rebirth, but also a tired civil society, desirous of change, a people chained up from a wrong government. Each caterpillar, therefore, has its own internal chrysalis, and only with firmness and courage can it break that "cocoon" of false convictions, prejudices, fears, anxieties, up to wearing the wings of rebirth

Amorini project

Rino e Rina gli AmoRini

... Because love is knowing how to become US even among the chaos of life ... Rino and Rina the Cupids every night, after the challenge of everyday life, choose to leave everything behind, to go and see the stars ... The moon sets the swing of love for them and they cradle on it, forgetting the rest of the world ...

Roni project

The circle of life

The circle of life cannot remain closed, but like a spring it extends to the maximum and opens up to the world, to the stars, to the sun, to flowers, to joys and sufferings, to fun and boredom, but above all to others. After the maximum opening the circle goes back and closes, but richer, embracing in itself feelings and experiences that give the right balance to the human soul.